These great books for beginner and intermediate students allow you to learn at your own pace with 'play along' audio on CD.

LET'S START - The Concert Zither
This book is written for people who would love to learn the concert zither, but don't speak German (to use existing Zither Tutors), or live where there are no zither teachers.
Only $50
Includes shipping.
  • For absolute beginners
  • Uncomplicated modern teaching methods
  • Written in plain English language
  • Clear notation and diagrams
  • Many familiar fun tunes
  • Chord charts for fretboard and open strings
  • Great value, comes with a quality play along CD on which each line of music is recorded on Zither
20 Great Zither Duets
Only $50
Includes shipping.
  • For beginners to intermediate players
  • 20 popular zither duets; for beginners to more challenging pieces
  • Two separate print music books; for Zither I & Zither II
  • Includes studio quality play-along CD
Great Folk Songs from around the World
Only $50
Includes shipping.
  • For beginners to intermediate students
  • 39 folk songs from around the world
  • Features many different music styles
  • Includes studio quality play-along CD featuring Zither I & Zither II and backed by band of professional musicians
  • All songs have lyrics for sing-along and instrumental intros to assist in counting-in
  • Includes studio quality CD featuring Zither I & II with backing tracks recorded by professional musicians in precise metronome tempo with an authentic feel for the musical styles of the different countries
Heidegger Album & CD - Duets for Zither l & ll skill level
Only $40
Includes shipping.
  • For intermediate players
  • 6 melodious pieces for intermediate players
  • Two separate print music books; for Zither I & Zither II
  • Includes play-along CD
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