5) Where can I buy a Zither, or strings?


New Zithers cost anything from EURO 1500 upward, most of the manufacturers are found in Southern Germany or Austria. Again they are listed on the German Zitherbund website.

The German Zitherbund also publishes a magazine “Saitenspiel” which lists “second hand zithers for sale”, ebay is another option. Or buying an instrument when on holiday in Europe.

Zither Strings

A set of strings costs about Au$130–200. Don’t buy extra long strings unless you have a harp zither. Nylon strings are kinder on the fingers.

You can buy zither strings at:

1) Lenzner strings - German & English (click on Union Jack flag in left corner for English version of site)

2) Dr. Zither (USA) -

3) Or the German website Saiten Hersteller (mostly German language).

4) Anne Prinz - editor of the Zither Newsletter USA - in the United States (email: She offers a full range of services for zither players, including zithers, strings, accessories, books and CD's. Orders can be made in English and payment with PayPal is accepted.

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