About UsZither Australia Publications is run by Ilse Harris and Johanna de Groot. Both Ilse and Johanna migrated to Australia in the 1960s and live within a few miles of each other on Sydney’s Northern Beaches.

They have been playing zither together for over 30 years. They met in 1981 after Johanna had retired from a successful zither playing and yodelling career and Ilse had taken up studies to become a clarinet and saxophone teacher after her husband died.

For their 20th anniversary, together with Ilse's two sons; Joern and Nigel Harris (both professional musicians) they recorded a CD "Great Zither Duets" with 20 of their favourite duets, and also published the pieces in a print album. The duets are popular pieces and range from easy beginners' tunes; perfect for the beginner to play the melody, to more challenging and technical pieces which are also suitable for ensembles.
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Their next publication; “Great Folk Songs from around the World” is a collection of 39 folk songs showing many different music styles but always with an authentic feel for the music of the various countries.
This book comes with a CD featuring Johanna and Ilse on zither backed by a band of professional musicians. It provides the opportunity for YOU to experience playing along with a real live band.
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Visit Joern Harris's website - www.moodsband.com.au

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